Welcome to Dercum's Disease & Other Fat Disorders Canada

MISSION: Advocacy for ALL people with a fat disorders in Canada. Most here have a diagnosed or suspected fat disorder, or anyone who supports our cause from around the globe, and recently an ever increasing number of Canadian doctors & medical professionals who have a fat disorder, or doctors and medical professionals who just want to learn more! Hooray I say!

WE WELCOME you here with open arms, in hopes that one day we too will find our Champion to start a movement in this country to implement the education and training that our Canadian medical professionals lack currently. In their defense - medical school doesn’t include us and our multiple fat disorders.

So how can we expect doctors and others in the medical system to recognize us, differentiate us, diagnose us, and provide the best treatment options - (including funded liposuction surgeries) if we don’t teach them?

These are extremely painful, progressive, incurable fat disorders, and we do deserve care in Canada - won’t you helps us spread some awareness?


We are here to support each other whether it is Dercums, Lipedema, Lymphedema or any of the other adipose or connective tissue disorders.


In Canada we have issues with finding doctors that are trained to recognize the various adipose disorders. Sharing our information is the only way to help the medical professionals learn to treat us.


From surgery, liposuction, massage therapy, to in home treatments like vibration plates. Also Ketogenic or Carnivore diets which reduce the inflammation and allow some pain reduction.

Do you see you in any of these words?