"My Magic Elixir"
Intentionally Bare - MCT Oil

"My Magic Elixir”- Feature Story by Kim Wilson, Founder – Dercum’s Disease & Other Fat Disorders Canada

I was searching for a great Facebook Keto group for my second attempt at Keto, when I came across a Facebook interview about BioDiet, that took me into Leta’s “Intentionally Bare Keto” group. The name really caught my eye, so I joined. From the start it was very welcoming for anyone - at any level, but still offering support for those like me who had failed previously. Leta provides great ketogenic information, wonderful guest talks and interviews, and all of it really helped me along my own personal journey. You must join and check out her awesome keto recipes too – they’re fully tested by her and her members.

I began to use Leta’s Intentionally Bare Pure C8 MCT Oil to induce ketosis faster, which it did, but somehow, along the way, the benefits really started adding up! I noticed increased energy, less brain fog and something so incredible! My husband says “ hey you’re not having as many “flame on” type “flushing” episodes lately”! I thought hmm you’re so right! This issue associated to my Dercum’s creates such intense burning, with this neuropathic feeling that creeps from my feet to my head. The burning without sweating isn’t pleasant at all, and much worse than any menopausal “hot flashes” that most older women get. With my hormones being fully tested many years ago showing I was in a PRE-PUBITAL level, kind of like being a ten year old hormonally.

I have gone off the MCTs temporarily 3-4 times now, but each and everytime those “flushings” become more and more intolerable, without my “MAGIC ELIXiR”…Each time I went off it or back on, it takes about a week and a bit to regulate to 2 tbsp a day. The last time was my attempt to break a year long stall, but once again it resulted in zero losses of any kind, so no more experimentation - it’s back to Leta’s “Intentionally Bare” Pure C8, MCT Oil for me – FOR GOOD this time!

I’m honored to know you, to call you friend, but so happy to recommend all your “Intentionally Bare” products too!

Leta is Canadian Businesswoman, who really cares about the integrity of all her natural products, and helping people improve their health naturally!

Meet Leta - Intentionally Bare

Leta Deley is the owner and CEO of Intentionally Bare, a natural keto supplement company. She leads a large online community of people who believe Keto is a lifestyle and not a diet. Leta has lost 55 pounds and reversed many health issues such as pre-diabetes, arthritis, knee replacement surgery, psoriasis, allergies, hormone imbalances, hypo-thyroid and high blood pressure by following a healthy Ketogenic diet. Through her own journey to improve her health, Intentionally Bare was born.

Intentionally Bare is a leading provider of quality keto supplements, powders, oils, and electrolytes to those who are serious about taking back or maintaining their health, and being comfortable in their own skin. Made from non-GMO ingredients, grass-fed pasture proteins and organic fats. Every product Intentionally Bare manufactures adheres to the strictest standards of excellence in the industry. Intentionally Bare is a trusted partner to dieters, fitness and medical professionals, and everyday busy people who want the best for their bodies and their health.

To learn more about Intentionally Bare, its products, and how it is transforming the lives of people around the world, visit their website at https://intentionallybare.com/.