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Dr. David G. Harper

As a health educator and cancer researcher, Dr. David G. Harper has studied the impact of diet on human health for many years. The culmination of that extensive work is the BioDiet, a ketogenic food regimen that he created in 2012. The significant weight loss and health improvements he experienced led Dr. Harper to counsel hundreds of people on the BioDiet, in clinical trials and on a personal basis, with consistent, impressive results.

BioDiet has become an international best-seller, reaching as high as #18 globally for books overall on Amazon.com.

Dr. Harper is an Associate Professor of Kinesiology at the University of the Fraser Valley and a Visiting Scientist at the BC Cancer Research Center, Terry Fox Laboratory. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia and completed a post-doctoral fellowship in comparative physiology at the University of Cambridge. He is on the Scientific Advisory Board of the Canadian Clinicians for Therapeutic Nutrition and a member of the Institute for Personalized Therapeutic Nutrition. His present research investigates the therapeutic benefits of ketogenic diets for women with metastatic breast cancer.