Keto / Ketovore / Carnivore

Part of Our Self Care - Keto Prep and Batch Cooking

There is so much information on the web about the Ketogenic Diet. It has become a buzz word that is slapped on products to sell them to a health conscious public. But for anyone with a fat disorder it can be a life saver. Reduction of inflammation is the key to success the added weight loss is a bonus.

Find out what foods you are sensitive to then remove them or at least reduce them in your diet. Then remove sugar, grains so that you are basically eating whole foods. Check out Dr. David G. Harper's book BioDiet. Find a supportive group to help you through the process. Most of all regain your health and care for yourself.

Who says Keto is boring? Kim has shared some of her batch cooking and meals that are so creative and look delicious.